Paolo Mengoli was born in Bologna. He started studying music when he was very young at "Lanaro Academy of Music” in Rome and he got his certificate after studying the accordion.

He also developed his activity as a singer and, at the age of 17. he won the "Castrocaro Festival", one of the most important singing competitions in Italy.

Thanks to the success he had, his song "Perché l'hai fatto" was at the top of all the Hit Parades and, as a result of this. he sold one million copies of it.

He took part in a lot of musical performances. such as "Un disco per l'estate":the "Sanremo Festival" (for three times) and he won the "Cantagiro" in 1970.

In the following years, he represented Italy at the "International Festival" in Tokio and at the "World Festival" in Bulgaria. In both the above mentioned occasions. he was awarder the "Prize of the critics" and, as the best singer. he sold three million records.

Since then. his artistry has been requested in the most famous theatre in the world, in Japan. Australia. Bulgaria, Canada and the U.S.A.. where he took parti in the celebrations of the "Columbus Day 2007": representing Italy. In the course of the years. a lot of Italian TV channels wanted him to be a guest in the main and qualified entertaining. cultural and social programmes such as "Europa Europa", "La vita in diretta", "L'Italia sul Due" and "Domenica in" of 2006/2007. In the 2008 and 2009 he was guest in some great shows of TV channel RAI UNO, "I raccomandati" and "I migliori anni", where he sang the best Italian hits and fascinated people with the energy of his …GREAT VOICE…



Paolo Mengoli was one of the founders of the "SINGER ITALIAN NATIONAL ASSOCIATION" in 1961, with the aim of promoting and backing solidarity projects.

In 28 years of activity, he played 390 football matches as a goalkeeper, in front of 9.000.000 spectators in all the Italians stadiums. collecting 50.000.000 euros.

In the international field, he played with Italian National Singer in Sarajevo (Bosnia) in 1998, at the end of the Civil War: he played again in Varsavia in a match in which Lech Walesa was the guest of honour in 1999.

In 2000. in Rome. he took part in a demonstration in favour of Preace in the Middle East. where he met Yasser Arafat and the actual Israeli President Simon Peres.

With the same Football Association. he supported important social causes in favour of A.I.S.M. (Multiple Sclerosis Italian Association), of the Noble Prize Rita Levi Montalcini, of the International Red Cross, of Emergency, of W.W.F., of F.A.O., and others which allowed the achievement of enterprises and social facilities in Iraq, Israel. Palestina. Jugoslavia, Albania, Somalia. Kenya, India and Russia.

Because of his social commitment. he was widely praised when he met the italian Presidents Oscar Luigi Scalfaro in 1986 and Carlo Azeglio Ciampi in 2005.

Moreover, in 1999, he felt honoured when Pope John Paul II received him.

Uninterruptedly. from 1998 to 2007 he partecipated in the "Italian Telethon" supporting it to collect funds.

Paolo Mengoli is also very active in Bologna where, for more than 28 years, he has been a testimonial of FA.NE.P. (Pediatric Neurology Families) which is interested in Infantile Neuropsychiatric problems and in particular in problems connected with food troubles in young people.

For his Association and with the aim of collectinf funds. Paolo Mengoli organized and directed important events where a part from personalities in political life. there weere international celebrities in the sports world. such as Loris Capirossi and Alex Zanardi.

On the 24th October 2020 he received the "RICONOSCIMENTO GIOVANNI PAOLO II" because of his "activity as singer and composer, that knows how to spread feelings and values of solidarity through his social commitment" and for his devotion expressed to the Holy Pontiff with the song "ORA PARLAMI D’AMORE". This song was chosen as the official hymn of the centenary project "IN CAMMINO CON GIOVANNI PAOLO II".

The composition was presented in a worldwide premiere the day John Paul II was beatified, in the TV show "CRISTIANITA" hosted by Suor Miriam Castelli, transmitted worldwide by RAI INTERNATIONAL, and followed by more than 60 million viewers.

In 2020 he published for Music Universe a.c.m. the single "IO VOGLIO STARE CON TE", written in collaboration with Luigi Mosello, where, with a peculiar sensitivity and soft lyrics, the delicate matter of VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN is processed.

On 23rd October 2021 he was awarded by the association "Giovanni Paolo II" with the "SEAL WITNESS AMBASSADOR OF PEACE IN THE WORLD".